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Giordano Case Study Final - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.4/5(5). Oct 06,  · tiptgopsa.gqno 1. Presented by: Cherrie Mae Favila Hoda Yahyaei Time Context The problem of this case focuses on the future of Giordano, year and onwards. 7. Giordano has an aggressive advertising and promotions strategy. Prices of products are higher compared to other competitors like Hang Ten, Bossini and Baleno. Giordano Case Study Essay. Introduction: The purpose of this report is to analyze and describe about the case study of Giordano – a Hong Kong fashion company that specializes in manufacturing and selling the trendy clothes for men and Alex.

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Introduction: The purpose of this report is to analyze and describe about the case study of Giordano — a Hong Kong fashion company that specializes in manufacturing and giordano case study the trendy clothes for men and women. Giordano was established by Jimmy Lai in Hong Kong in and expanded more and more several stores all over the world up to now. In this report also clearly maintains the successes as well as the limitations of Giordano in particularly international environment in each country.

This is the way to help Giordano create a buzz in the market that the company involved. Giordano traditionally is a big ad, the use of external giordano case study and many other things to the media on its value proposition.

The end of the report summarizes all the key points have been through. Countries in which Giordano operates Contents: 1. Doole — key components to successfully compete in international markets 1. Market entry strategies 3. Impacts of foreign manufacturing plan on perception of the Giordano brands 4. Doole — key components to giordano case study compete in international markets: 1.

But how can they do to become successful? There are winners, there are losers. Therefore, each company has giordano case study marketing strategies to find the best way for their companies. When a giordano case study wants to run business, survive and develop in new markets or in the international environment, the important factor is well-managed organization with a culture of learning.

Through the knowledge and experience have gained and learnt from market activities, Giordano has used values available to develop the potential markets in the future.

This indicates giordano case study Giordano could not succeed and grow in international markets without the innovation culture in their organization. This indicates Giordano runs their company in giordano case study management style that creates comfortable working environment and enhances the role of each individual.

Everybody is likely important. To achieve the goals and vision set out, Giordano had been non-stopped improving and creating effective relationship strategy with ever-smiling sales forces.

It made a private mark and how Giordano wanted to express deeply appreciation to customers as well as provided the most perfect service. One of the most important operations is that the firm has organized training programs to a large team of employees and given them professional skill in the field of communication with customers. Training is merely a skeleton of a customer service program.

Giordano has set up a good customer service policy in order to bring to customers the highest level of quality service. Besides that, they actually understand the vital role of staffs in serving their customers in pass on pre-Eminent service. In the early establishment of Giordano, the firm realized that it faced some difficulties to expand substantial business growth and scale of economics if the company just operated in Giordano case study Kong.

However, Giordano realized the importance of focusing on each specific area, giordano case study. We have 17 core items; other retailers have to items.

This is found that Giordano has clear market segmentation strategy, focusing on the essential core items to be able to easily catch up with the fashion trends of customers at each stage. Jimmy Lai believed that service was the best way to make customers return to Giordano again and again. In this section, this activity will be concentrated on analyzing theory: Giordano case study model and market commitment.

It released additional market commitments made by small incremental steps: choosing additional geographic markets with small psychic distances, combining with choosing entry modes with few additional risks Uppsala international mode, p. Johanson and Wiedersheim-Paulp. It is illustrated by the below figures: In the case of Giordano basing on the Uppsala model, it appears that Giordano has extensive experience in international process by diversified ways during the first decade of the formation of the Giordano brand.

Before having Giordano brand name, Jimmy Lai had exported his products to the U. S market. Based on Uppsala model, sporadic export is considered as the simplest approach in the first step for the company development. The purpose of market engagement is to understand the needs and culture of the host country in which has appropriate and reasonable strategy. In the early of s, Giordano admitted that it should not run business only in Hong Kong market but also need to develop in different markets all over the world.

In case study, giordano case study, the firm followed the Uppsala model, but not in full compliance with the order four main steps that mainly focus on the two steps: independent representatives export modes and foreign sales subsidiary. After that the growth of expansion is in other markets namely Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, etc…as the firm expanded beyond Asia, it became clear that different strategies must be formed to develop and apply in different countries.

The market has a close relationship with the company basing on the geographical distance, culture and human resources so that Giordano can select some countries as the first nation to extent internationalization tactic. For instance, China is a large market in a number of retail outlets grew from in to by Moreover, Giordano developed in Indonesia with a total of about stores.

Development strategy in the new market of Giordano is usually joint-venture approach, giordano case study. Joint venture is a strategic alliance in which two or more individuals accept to engage in business partnership and legal contribution. It can be said that Giordano created eligible quality products with reasonable price. Furthermore, they understood the psychology of new customers, the human factor, such as human resources integration and knowledge sharing to decide to use the form of joint-venture as expanding new markets in foreign countries.

With this strategy, Giordano is quickly easy to access to the potential markets that are Germany, Japan, Middle East, etc… the apparel market in these countries have some similar characteristic as those in China. Especially, the Middle East was widely appraised greatly potential market.

In the recent years, it has enhanced more markets in Middle East and Saudi Arabia and considered them as the largest market for Giordano Middle East with over 70 stores. Inthe company opened the first store in Chennai India and increased six outlets by the end of It entered the new markets through the development of small steps by setting form joint-venture in nations with further geographic and psychic distance, giordano case study.

One more equal important thing is that Giordano has ambitions to create joint-venture in other countries where they are able to exploit such grant beauty of product market but far distance and a large of different cultures. Uppsala model determines that the level of commitment can reduce or cease if performance and prospect are inadequate. Giordano has shown that its willingness to experiment with new ideas and its perseverance although past failures should seem to be an introduction of new product lines, giordano case study.

Giordano does not begin to reach the new market through its own retail stores, but forming alliances with local partners first and foremost. In that sense, Giordano international step reflects the incremental development postulated in Uppsala that invested very meticulous and small investment at the beginning. The expansion takes place thereafter, which is mainly evident in the number of growing stores worldwide, giordano case study.

Related to the similarity between the time frames and different markets, in the first years of the process, Giordano giordano case study toward strengthening their positioning and brand image to compete better in Europe and Asia in the long run through operations of foreign sales subsidiaryas comparing to the dominance of joint venture utilization for other markets during the later years.

This is actually not opposed to Uppsala. In fact, when the market is better and safer than it has been done occupied with the highest level of entry, giordano case study. Those which are less attractive and riskier must be approached with giordano case study commitments in the later period, leaving the impression that the Giordano impacts less and less commitment levels the more and wider its internationalization becomes.

Market entry strategies: 3. Having a distinctive difference way, Giordano recognized that they should develop limitedly in each specific nation. In fact, the company introduced many product lines to suit different age and income of each segment customers. The aim of expansion is to attract more customers in the fiercely competitive global market. International market entry and opportunity were carried out by Giordano have not, so far, been gotten to great result in Middle East while Germany and Japanese market might be attractive yet challenging for the company.

Relevant interpretation of the mode factors would be included in the individual section of each market. In spite of some missing categories of information for a particular market, a big picture and scenario withdrawn hold its validity to the best possible extent. Market development and investment strategy of Giordano are joint venture and franchising approaches. There are three main markets for running business in the international market entry giordano case study below: Germany market: Germany is one of the major political and economic powers of the European continent in which free market economics are blended with solidarity and social compromise.

Through this venture, the Group also wished to tap into the increasingly important East European apparel-manufacturing base in which consumer behaviour is unfamiliar with the Germany. Giordano began operations in Germany through joint-venture in March There were 23 outlets across the Germany supermarket chain in the system, giordano case study.

However, Germany giordano case study a large environment and fierce competition giordano case study the business, especially in parallel; this market is a place where competition is more and more violent. Most of famous parallel brands in the world are of European origin.

On the contrast, from culture view, Germany still had a difficult market and Giordano continue reassessing and making necessary adjustment. This shows that doing business is a tough question for almost companies when entering the world market, giordano case study, especially hard to face with the national cultural differences or customer behavior.

Moreover, the firm lacked local legal knowledge, communication problem, and divergence on agree-upon objective. Another reason for the failure of Giordano in Giordano case study is that Germany and Hong Kong have a far distance in geography; therefore, the headquarters in Hong Kong could not directly well-control and manage the operation in Germany. This can also be seen as a lesson for the failure of Giordano episode the business to learn from better experience in the development of new products.

It established good relationship with some retailers and suppliers in Europe. This set the stage for the development of the product line for the Groups future European expansion. Japan market: Starting a business in Japan can prove to be an excellent entry point into Asian market. It is really similarity to Germany market.

In the beginning, giordano case study, Giordano opened its first shop in Japan at the universal Studio Japan Osaka in March through joint-venture approach with the Japanese retailer Noda Corporation. Joint-venture provided Giordano with the opportunity to gain new capacity and expertise as well as to share the risk with a venture partner. It quickly expanded business to two shops operating in Osaka and two in Tokyo at the end of the year Unfortunately, Joint-venture approach also met some difficulties as the same in doing business in Germany.

In addition, this shows that the business faces in trouble, not effective, so the firm closed one outlet. The difficulties of the world economy in general and Japan in particular led to the year the joint-venture in Japan was dissolved and Giordano quitted the Japanese market. We easily recognize that joint venture approach is used only when the company might understand, capture giordano case study local market as well as population density to co-operate with local firm in international expansion business.

Although both of Hong Kong and Japan are in Asia, there are absolutely different cultures and management styles result in poor integration and co-operation.

However, Japan is a potential environment, customers are Asian so that it is easy to capture or adapt to their culture for the business, giordano case study. From the failure of the joint- venture in the beginning, the Group giordano case study strategy that it was re-entering Japan by partnering with local retailers WEGO Limited through franchising arrangement.

In contrast to joint-venture, franchising is a positive way for Giordano. The franchisee is the local distributor who is usually self-motivate since he has invested much money and time in operation, giordano case study.

It also improves sales effectiveness and reflects more satisfied customers.


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Giordano Case - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This is a case study on Giordano which sells not only apparels but service as well.5/5(2). Giordano Case Study Essay. Introduction: The purpose of this report is to analyze and describe about the case study of Giordano – a Hong Kong fashion company that specializes in manufacturing and selling the trendy clothes for men and Alex. Giordano SWOT Analysis and Giordano marketing analysis by Case Study Help Experts. Get case study assignment solution Help on Giordano Corporation, Giordano Strategic Assignment Help and Giordanot essays samples. Get % plagiarism free and high quality assignment, essay and case studies by .